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About the Editor


Dave Rodgers is Chief Editor of the Frontier American Illustrated News. He is a tribal member and westerner descended directly from Squire and Edward Boone (father & brother of Daniel Boone). With an old-west family lineage of farmers, ranchers, lawmen and desperadoes, he takes pride in the rich story of the land his family came from. As a resident of rural Arizona, he continues the traditions of the American West and promotes the western culture as it continues on today.. This began a quest to reveal the truth about a people, place, and chain of events that has been buried beneath the dust of a dozen generations.

Dave started as a technology writer, then corporate trainer before becoming a tech media personality. He always maintained a deep interest in the American West and a strong affinity toward his frontier family's farming, and ranching lineage dating back to colonial times.


With over 30 years’ experience as a researcher of historic lifeways, amateur archaeologist, archivist, muzzle loading weapons specialist, horseman/animal trainer, primitive outdoorsman and living history interpreter, he is now putting this experience toward chronicling the legacy of our nation's frontier story. Dave has made numerous television, radio and editorial appearances in addition to writing extensively on the evolution of technology, primitive survival and the lives of people in past ages.

His goal for The Frontier American Illustrated News is to engage the new generations so that they will embrace the legacy of America's frontier past. It's important to pass on knowledge of the old ways as well as an understanding of our shared culture to our youth. They are the heirs to a great story and knowing it will help them live fuller, richer lives with greater understanding of the world they live in today.

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