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Guidebooks & Newsletters

The Frontier American Illustrated News

This is a printed quarterly publication that contains the full-version of the abbreviated articles shown on the website. The full-print articles are more in-depth with additional illustrations, bonus features and details on the historic sources cited

The Frontier Plainsman's Guidebook

Think of this as the 'Scout-Guide' to being a fur-trapper, mountaineer, waggoneer, or emigrant traveler living in the early days of the American West.

This book covers the introductory topics of primitive trekking and traveling tips, clothing & gear, firing muzzle-loading guns, saddling horses, driving mules or packing wagons, finding water, making fire, choosing the best campsites, or making camp. It also covers tracking, hunting, trapping, trading to meeting and living with the various Indian tribes as well as the rates of exchange in trade. Strongly recommend  for immersive historiographers, outdoor enthusiasts, academics, students, armchair historians, and thunder-mug scholars.

Coming Soon 

The Muzzleloading Guidebook

This is an absolute must for anyone buying a muzzle-loading musket, rifle, or fowler.

It covers the basics from familiarization and safe handling, to properly gauging powder loads & the correct bullet-sizes, loading, aiming, firing and cleaning.


This comprehensive manual is for real primitive shooters who want to do it the correct-traditional way just as our ancestors did. This also contains articles from old hands that you won't find in other books on the same topic. Take care of your gun properly in the field while learning how to properly 'brown', 'blue', 'black', or even 'green' your gun barrel and hardware. Do you know how to make gunpowder, reload a percussion cap or the proper way to carry arms on horseback? This and many other valuable lessons are within.

Coming Soon 

The California Gold Rush Guidebook

This is the closest you can get to pulling an experienced gold miner from the 1850's aside and getting mentored on the trade.

Learn the particulars on clothing and gear, prospecting, mining methods, camp life, the assay office, banking and express services. This guide also covers the exchange rates of gold, silver and coinage or 'specie' from around the world. This material is mission-critical for school projects and tomorrow's treasure hunters.


Coming Soon 

The Pioneer Homestead's Guidebook

Follow the step-by-step instructions to running a 19th century rancho, farm, or homestead. 

This book covers the daily routine and operation of a frontier home, farm and ranching operation. Learn the planting seasons and methods. Get acquainted with the various types of farm animals of the mid-1800s in addition to the particulars of their management and care. This includes the various crafts and tricks of the trade that made America.


Coming Soon 

The Western Lawman and Desperadoes' Guidebook

Possibly the most romanticized and least understood element of the American West was the Frontier Lawman and the pursuit of those who lived outside of the law.

Enter the dark realm where men and women walked the fine line between good and evil in the frontier's underworld. Learn the dynamics of a true gunfight as well as the particulars of knife fighting. Get acquainted with the etiquette of saloons, brothels, and gambling hells.  From the right way to play cards, pull a cork, light a pipe, or lay down  a sockdologer to tracking fugitives, learning the various methods of rapine and skullduggery to even tying a noose, this is the ideal book for law enforcement and western history enthusiasts.


Coming Soon 

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