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Articles of the Frontier West

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The American West represents a time and place where people from around the world came and built a new land not from a "by-your-leave" from some landlord but with their own hands, wits, and inner strength. In the course of building this nation, the period of the American West represents a collision of cultures that accompanied sometimes good and sometimes disastrous results. Our ancestors learned from this. We continue to learn from this. It is where old prejudices of wealth, class, and ethnicity started to give way to an individual's worth based on action and merit. In all its greatness and imperfection, this era is a part of us and we are the fruits of that era. This is why it should be remembered and this is why I do what I do. As I reach through the veil of time to touch the face of my ancestors, I realize that the face I’m touching is my own.

-D. Wm. Rodgers

The historic accounts and techniques you are about to read of are based on extensive research that have been field tested under primitive circumstances by the author over the past 30+ years. This publication shares the news of America's frontier past and how it's far more interesting than the two-dimensional films and fiction we see today. It's not the story of just one people but rather, it is the story of us all and it is an epic tale that should be shared.

  • Hidden History Beneath our Feet - Beneath our highways and sidewalks lie the stories of our hidden past. Intersections stand over the sites of where western legends fought one another. Towns flourished and battles raged beneath the foundations of modern shops and homes. The peaceful, green-shaded park was once a fort or a cemetery. Uncover the remaining clues and complete the stories first told by voices who are now forever silent. 

  • Forgotten Famous Faces - That faded photograph or dusty painting holds a face that was once known wherever it went. Discover the names and stories of rugged individuals who forged our past and shaped the world in which we live today.

  • How Life Was - Forget the myth of Hollywood and pulp-peddlers; The people of America's frontier each had an interesting tale to tell. Our tribal, frontiersman, and pioneer ancestors were masters of ingenuity in addition to being far more self-reliant than we are today. Understand their mindsets and learn about their lives, occupations, and tricks of the trade long since laid aside by vanishing generations. Stand in the shoes of previous centuries and see a vibrant world of iron will and unlimited opportunity across a seemingly endless landscape.

  • Trail Tips to Frontier Travel- As we progress with our technology, we have become dangerously dependent on automation while forgetting the manual methods that were common knowledge in the earlier centuries. How do you make light without electricity or fire without matches?  Can you find water when there isn't a faucet in sight? Learn about life on the trails of the Old West's mountains, plains, and deserts. Gain information on handling horses and other livestock. Go through the process of hitching up and loading wagons. Learn to handle emergencies using proven methods from a time before gasoline and linoleum.

  • Historic Craft Projects- Bond with family members and friends while learning age-old crafts few still practice today. Learning how to make historic items is one of the easiest ways to feel the past come to life in your very hands.

  • Historic Items & How Things Worked-  Ever go through an antique store and ask yourself "What on earth is that?" This is for those interested in the historic gear of America's frontier past. We will explore items and methods both famous and not-so-famous to learn what they are and how they work.

  • Weapons of the Old West - Firearms played a prominent role in the hands of travelers consigned to the vastness of unsettled country. They still do today. Learn about the weapons of our past and benefit from valuable pointers by seasoned shooters who haven't changed since it was done in the age of pack mules, and trail guides. This covers the various arms of the west as well as how to load and shoot the various muzzle-loading rifles, pistols, revolvers, breechloaders and repeating rifles of the American frontier. 

  • Frontier Foods - The best way to grow accustomed to any culture is through its food. This section covers a variety of tasty and exotic recipes that are easy to learn and impressive to show off. Learn to flip flapjacks; roast, grind, & boil coffee to perfection or cook the perfect buffalo steak along with many other recipes.

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