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Hidden History Beneath Our Feet


Beneath our highways and sidewalks lie the stories of our hidden past. Intersections stand over the sites of where western legends fought one another. Towns flourished and battles raged beneath the foundations of modern shops and homes. The peaceful, green-shaded park was once a fort or a cemetery.


Who would not want to know the history of the old house you live in? If you found out that your neighborhood was once the site of a ghost town, colonial settlement or Indian village, would you not want to know more about it?  If you answer 'yes' to these questions, then these articles are for you. Knowing the legacy of where you live is as interesting as researching your family roots. Like it or not, you're now connected to the story of this land so why not learn more about it? Those of earlier ages started a story for us to continue. Uncover the remaining clues that the land holds and complete the stories first told by voices who are now forever silent. .

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